Your Thursday Lunchtime Roundup #22

The latest in Business, Design and Tech from Eli5 29/07/21

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From, Eli5

💼 Business

WeWork, Adam Neumann & the Great Startup Debacle. An interview with one of the first reporters to cover the real story of WeWork, the company that was the most valuable start-up in America, whilst also creating $10bn in losses in 9 years and spending nearly $40bn in equity value almost overnight. Link.

And from the same podcast, the presenters discuss the ethics of crypto. Just in case it wasn’t obvious how much we’re into crypto yet. Link.

✏️ Design

Building a breadcrumbs component. Link.

An interesting investigation into web features that may not work how you expect. Including the way browsers cache assets across sites and Lazy Loading. Stuff that is good to know if you want your designs to be enjoyed as intended. Link.

🖥️ Technology

We’re big fans of React. And FreeCodeCamp has posted this course that will teach you all about Styled Components, React Router, State and Props, Hooks, and even some TypeScript. Link.

🕹️ Cool stuff

A digital museum of video game levels. Link.

A video tour of the Standard Model - the equation that has correctly predicted the results of virtually every experiment ever conducted. Link.

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