Your Thursday Lunchtime Roundup #19

The latest in Business, Design and Tech from Eli5 17/06/21

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From, Eli5

💼 Business

A great blog from James Clear making an argument to forget about setting goals and focus on building systems - “Goals are good for planning your progress but systems are good for actually making progress”. Link.

I’ve always been fascinated by Lambda, the school that trains engineers and data scientists with no costs upfront. They ask for you to repay based on your salary after the course. One of the founders did an AMA with Indie Hackers which brought up some really interesting insights about everything from their business model to their MVP and how they have adapted over time. Link.

✏️ Design

There are some great apps in this year’s Apple Design Awards - both in terms of topic and aesthetic. Link.

And, it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for. A new browser signal could make cookie banners obsolete. Link.

🖥️ Technology

If you use Amazon Web Services then this one is for you. This person has made a search engine for 6000+ (curated) AWS open source repositories on GitHub. Link.

Following on from the story I just mentioned about Lambda, this report shows that in the US, coding bootcamps and 4-year colleges have a nearly identical percentage of alumni employed at the ‘Big Five’ tech companies. Link.

🕹️ Cool stuff

This week we’ve been reading Mythos by Stephen Fry. As the name implies it’s about Greek myths and recommended by our team as “hilarious, witty, fascinating and super educational”. Link.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Team Eli5