Your Thursday Lunchtime Roundup #16

The latest in Business, Design and Tech from Eli5 29/04/21

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From, Eli5

💼 Business

The 38 most beloved blogs on Twitter. We subscribe to a lot of these ourselves. Link.

Our favourite NoCode trolls, Bad Unicorn, explaining how they built 16 projects in 8 months on a shoestring budget. Link.

✏️ Design

If you don’t follow the Inspirational Websites Roundup, you should. Link.

Gilles Peterson’s company, Worldwide FM, have launched a creative platform called Make Art Work. “The website will showcase projects by individual musicians and creatives, so brands and agencies can explore and potentially develop their ideas together”. Nice. Link.

🖥️ Technology

Using search engines effectively is one of the most important skills for every developer. Here are some useful Googling tricks. Link.

A really hard-hitting short about Arch Linux. Link.

🕹️ Cool stuff

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