Your Thursday Lunchtime Roundup #11

The latest in Business, Design and Tech from Eli5 18/02/21

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From, Eli5

💼 Business

A deep dive into how Robinhood works as a business and all the recent st0nks drama associated with them. Link.

And because we are obsessed crypto fangirls and boys - What I think of Bitcoin by Ray Dalio who is not an expert in crypto, but is an expert in investment banking. So he provides a really interesting viewpoint. Link

✏️ Design

I’m a big fan of Andy Allen and his app Paper. In this article he calls for “an end to minimalism” in app design. Link.

How to create a shrinking header on scroll without Javascript. Link.

🖥️ Technology

Interesting breakdown of everything that went wrong with the CDC site - software that was meant to manage the vaccine rollout in the USA. Link.

Extremely cool gravity simulator built in Javascript. Link.

🕹️ Cool stuff

Can you survive 2020? Link.

Looking for help managing stress and lack of sleep? Andrew Huberman is a professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology. His lab has put out a podcast and YouTube channel to discuss science and science-based tools for everyday life. Link and Link.

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